Transylvanian Csíki Sör Honey

Transylvanian Csíki Sör Honey

9 lei / piece

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Flavour: Honey

The uniqueness of the drink lies in the fact that one-third of the raw material used to produce it is  honey. A festive beer with an alcohol content of 9% (!!!) was born from this beer with a high sugar content after maturation for at least 40 days. The honey is 100% Szekler honey. With this beer, we have tried to revive our traditions because, according to the old chroniclers, the drink witch was made from honey was the favorite drink of our ancestors, the Huns. Its amber color, unique sweet taste, typical hop bitterness, and light honey smell make it a specialty beer.


Alcohol content: 9%
SHELF LIFE: 9 months.

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16 pcs./box, 4 pcs./box

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