Ginger Chilli

Tiltott Csíki Gyömbér Chili Sör / Ciuc forbidden ginger chilli beer / is a 4.2% alcohol elixir of life, the basis of which is Tiltott Csíki Sör Bock (Jager) beer, which has been refreshing, nourishing and exhilarating for years. ..

Medve trutyi

Bear excrement from wild bears, living in their natural enviroment, artisanal product. Not suitable for human consumption but for any other reasons.


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Based on the 500-year brewing tradition in the Ciuc Basin, the excellent natural conditions of the area and the exceptionally clean water, in 2014 we built the Csíki Sör Brewery in Sânsimion, which is well-known and visited nowadays. We have managed to revive traditional brewing with the help of one of the most outstanding brew masters in the Carpathian Basin and the Sapientia Hungarian University in Transylvania.

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