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Ciuc basin

The Ciuc basin is ideal for brewing beer. The specific tectonic and volcanic plates found here result in crystal clear spring water, which is essential for the quality and taste of Ciuc’s craft beer, produced exclusively from water, malt and hops.

Another factor that contributed to the early development of beer production was the fact that the foggy, frosty climate here is not conducive to growing grapes or other fruit (e.g. plums, peaches), so the inhabitants of Ciuc were left with beer instead of wine and cognac. However, the cold weather also had a silver lining: from early autumn to late spring, there was ice on the Olt River, essential for proper fermentation and storage.

The heyday and decline of the Sânsimion distillery. The first 50 years (1942 - 1992): the Hungarian world, after which socialism "blooms".

The headstones were laid in a marshy area, near the railway. The distillery and starch factory were built in 1942 by the headquarters of the Federation of Economic and Credit Cooperatives in Cluj-Napoca. The war came, and in the autumn of 1944, the factory was dismantled by retreating troops. In 1945 it was leased by a joint-stock company in Bucharest and put into operation under the name AMILEMN, producing starch, dextrin and crates. The factory was nationalised in 1948. Later, the production of spirits was added to its activities.

This was followed by almost half a century of communism, after which, in 1991, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company with state funding.

This factory was bought in 2013 by Lixid Project Kft. /SRL/, in a rather deplorable state. During the renovation, the buildings were mostly demolished down to the walls, and in many places not even that much remained.

The legend was successfully revived

By the autumn of 2014, with a lot of hard work, with the help of one of the most outstanding brew masters in the Carpathian Basin and the Sapientia Hungarian University in Transylvania, the legend was successfully revived and the now well-known and visited Manufactura Csíki Sör / Ciuc Beer / was established on its ruins.

The demand for this product is so high that in 2016, Csíki Sör opened its second craft brewery, quadrupling its capacity. The basic principles at the new brewery remain the same: respect for tradition, strict use of only water, malt and hops, no chemicals and modern procedures, i.e. quality above all.

The brewery’s new state-of-the-art brewing facility, fermentation space and imposing filling line are all fascinating and can be seen and photographed from the corridor built for visitors. The Skyybar at the end of the corridor awaits beer lovers with its inimitable atmosphere.

In the same year (2016), Csíki Sör Magyarország Kft. /SRL/ was launched to build and operate its distribution network in Hungary. In 2017, a free home delivery service was introduced throughout Hungary, which was well received by consumers based on the number of orders.


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