Existing Tiltott Csíki Sörözők breweries

Forbidden Transylvanian Csíki Sör Brewery & Restaurant Bucharest

Here, in the Old Town of Bucharest, those passionate about Transylvanian flavours, craft beer and brewing will find Szeklerland. The brewing concept in the restaurant is a true reflection of our brand philosophy: we use only natural raw materials (be it beer or food); there must be a little bit of Szekler love in everything. Our dear guests can brew their beer in the restaurant’s brewery (as in Budapest), thus getting to know the tricks of brewing beer…

Tiltott Csíki Söröző és Étterem Nyugati tér /Ciuc Forbidden Brewery and Restaurant, West Square/

Our little “Szeklerland” is in the heart of the city. We would like to warmly recommend our restaurant to all those who believe in real values, in the tastes of home, in Transylvanian flavours, in craft beers, in love, in other words, in everything that Csíki Sör beer itself means to us. We’ll be ready with lots of special treats, inimitable craft beers by the bottle and by the pint, exciting contraband, crunchy goodies and lots of surprises. Every month of the year, from Monday to Sunday, our team is waiting for all our dear future guests on our two floors next to Nyugati tér, who want to taste, besides the Szekler flavours, the inimitable feeling of Szekler life.

Tiltott Csíki Söröző Mechwart liget (Mechwart grove)

In May 2020 we opened the newest and largest Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery / Ciuc Forbidden Brewery / in Hungary. Our consumers have long been waiting for a restaurant in the Buda part of Budapest, where those who love Transylvanian flavours and craft beers can find a small slice of Szeklerland.
The concept of the restaurant-bar reflects the philosophy of our brand: we use only natural ingredients (be it beer or food); everything must have a little bit of Szekler love; “refresh, nourish and enliven”.
The food and drink menu at Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery in Mechwart liget, alongside the already well-known and loved quality craft beers includes unique meals with special flavours. The quality of the dishes is assured by the house master chef, and every dish arrives on the customer’s table under his watchful eye.
If you don’t believe me, find out!

Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery Borsec

The spa town of Borsec is in dire need of quality services as in 2018 it has managed to wake up from its Sleeping Beauty dream and has set off on the path of development to regain its former international reputation when it was mentioned alongside resorts such as Karlovy Vary and Baden-Baden.

With the opening of the Tiltott Csíki Söröző és Étterem brewery-restaurant, we would like to join this process, to present guests with the products and craft beers of Szeklerland, but at the same time, we would like to make the entrance to the pedestrian street of the spa more beautiful.

Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery Odorheiu Secuiesc

We can call the Tiltott Csíki Söröző brewery in Odorhei the first Tiltott Csíki Söröző brewery. It opened its doors in April 2018. As big fans of Csíki Sör beers, the sumptuous selection of craft beer prompted us to open our brewery. This made this quality local product more accessible to the people of Odorheiu Secuiesc and visitors alike. Those who take advantage of this opportunity have been coming back to us ever since.

Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery Timișoara

In the city on the Bega River, Timișoara, Tiltott Csíki Sör beer lovers (and not only them) can now find their favourite beer. Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery welcomes you with the highest quality Transylvanian craft beer during the summer, even for a large event on our 150-seat terrace. In addition to delicious beers, you can also try our special gourmet snacks.
Don’t forget: It’s refreshing, nourishing and invigorating!

Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery Târgu Secuiesc

We moved the favourite beer of the Szekler – Tiltott Csíkit /The Forbidden Beer of Ciuc/ in the historical centre of Targu Secuiesc, in the old building known by the locals as “Szikla” /Rock/!
We aim to offer locals – not only men – and visitors to the area a quality recreational opportunity, enriched by a positive gastronomic experience. In addition to a wide range of quality craft beers, we also offer a variety of dishes with special tastes.

Tiltott Csíki Söröző & Étterem Băile Tușnad

Today, Băile Tușnad is still the centre of natural medicine in Szeklerland, but at the same time, its beautiful surroundings offer opportunities for both relaxation and recreation. Popics, once known to locals as a bowling alley, later transformed into a gambling hall, is home to the Tiltott Csíki Söröző és Étterem Brewery and Restaurant. By opening it, we offer visitors the opportunity to discover traditional and unique Szekler cuisine, accompanied, of course, by our traditional, quality, handcrafted beers.

Tiltott Csíki Söröző & Étterem Brewery and Restaurant Reghin

Situated at the foot of the Gurghiului Mountains, at the confluence of the Mureș and Gurghiu rivers, Reghin has a past and is part of our Transylvanian cultural heritage. During the Hungarian War of Independence, after the fatal conflict/clash with the Szeklers, like the Phoenix bird that rose from the ashes, the town was reborn and is living its age of flourishing. In parallel to the cultural programmes and the gastronomic life is in full swing, this can be best seen at our Tiltott Csíki Söröző & Étterem Brewery and Restaurant.

Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery Miercurea-Ciuc (Café Frei basement)

Miercurea-Ciuc without a Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery? No way!

We have been representing a foreign franchise brand since 2015 and we are very happy to represent a local one from now on. Moreover, one whose products are made from natural ingredients and without preservatives. The varied range of craft beers at Tiltott Csíki Söröző Brewery is a big dilemma for all our guests: they don’t know which one to try first but we’re happy to help them all. They can try them all here. Come and visit us!

Tiltott Csíki Söröző & Étterem Brewery and Restaurant Oradea

Oradea, which is almost a thousand years old, and is called the city of Szent László, is one of the most beautiful jewels of the Partium region. For nine centuries, the castle built here was besieged by Tartars, Turks, rebels and Austrians, but the enemy managed to conquer it only twice. Fortunately, the land of Oradea was not only a place for battles but also art. Walking its streets, centuries-old monuments now gleam in their former glory.

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