Ciuc Forbidden craft beer

Based on the 500-year brewing tradition in the Ciuc Basin, the excellent natural conditions of the area and the exceptionally clean water, in 2014 we built the Csíki Sör Brewery in Sânsimion, which is well-known and visited nowadays. We have managed to revive traditional brewing with the help of one of the most outstanding brew masters in the Carpathian Basin and the Sapientia Hungarian University in Transylvania.

The modern brewing equipment, specially designed for us by Hungarian experts, follows the traditional brewing methods at the high technological level of our times.

Tiltott Csíki Sör / Ciuc Forbidden Beer/ craft beer is brewed according to old recipes, under the Bavarian Purity Law, without modern chemical ingredients and using traditional brewing technology.

In addition to old-fashioned brewing methods, we ensure a clean environment, the right temperature and strictly maintain natural maturation processes. We only mature beer naturally, we do not interfere with the natural maturation processes with accelerators, additives and artificial compounds.

Csíki Sör brewery

Demand for the product is so high that in 2016 Csíki Sör opened its second brewery, quadrupling its capacity. The basic principles of the new brewery remain unchanged: respect for tradition, strict use of spring water, malt and hops, no chemicals and modern processes, and “quality above all”. The brewhouse, fermentation space and imposing filling line are both monumental and fascinating.

More than a hundred Szeklers work at the Csíki Sör brewery. In cooperation with the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, researching, respecting and reviving our common past, we develop our recipes and constantly expand them. We organise the brewing and bottling processes locally and also make sure that our fresh and special beers make it to the shops and food service establishments, hopefully to your table.

Our products contain 100% Szekler values and feelings.

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