Brew your beer

your beer

Be the brewmaster of Transylvanian Forbidden Csíki Sör brewery

A team-building program would be nice, but have you tried everything? Your birthday could be unique, but no one has any ideas? Want to organise a bachelor party, but have no experience? If you want a special experience then ….
Your time has come. Your beer

With the support of Csíki Sör Brewery, we have set up a microbrewery in Forbidden Transylvanian Csíki Sör Craft Brewery & Restaurant, with the same technology 100% similar to the process used by the brewery in Sânsimion. Therefore, the experience is unique and guaranteed and the beer produced is bottled directly into bottles with custom labels to everyone’s liking.

We welcome everyone who wants to brew their beer.

The package contains:

  • 10% discount on the bill.
  • Two-hour program during which the participants, together with master brewer Simonffy Árpád, will have a unique experience, they will brew their first beer according to Csíki Sör's original recipe.
  • Participants will receive 90 bottles of unfiltered beer with personalised labels to take home.

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